what we ate: Tom kha soup with peanut vegetables and broccoli

Soup is clearly one of our go-to meals. Every 6-8 weeks, we spend a Saturday morning doing a large “batch cook”, where we make 5 or 6 different dishes to freeze and eat throughout the coming weeks. It makes putting a good dinner on the table so much easier and less stressful! Because it freezes so well, our batch cooking usually involves at least one kind of soup, like Tom kkha:
Tom Kha soup, mixed vegetables with peanut sauce, broccoli

This Tom Kha soup has quickly become a recurring favorite. With plenty of spice and citrus, it’s refreshing to eat (or slurp, I suppose?), and it will probably clear out your sinuses too, should they be feeling blocked!
As with last week’s vegetable soup, Tom Kha can be quite versatile, so it can be tailored to different tastes, or simply mixed up with each serving to keep things interesting. This time, I added a little extra protein by quickly stirring a beaten egg into the hot soup, then fancied things up by sprinkling a handful of chopped scallions across the top (presentation is everything!). In the past, I’ve also added chickpeas (although they may be an unconventional ingredient in Thai food, they are quite tasty), or a handful or two of chopped spinach. And of course, a bit of chopped or shredded chicken will probably be appreciated by meat lovers.
The mixed vegetables and broccoli were both leftovers from previous evenings, so all I had to do for this meal was put the microwave to work–really nice! A bit of peanut sauce (another batch cook favorite) on the vegetables continued the Thai theme and made them feel less like last night’s leftovers.


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