What we ate: curry and greens bowl

Wednesday’s dinner was a favorite of mine, a bowl full of curry and greens:
Curry and Greens
Keeping it simple
In general, we eat solid meals off of plates around here. Our dishwasher will take more plates than bowls, and of course some things just work better on a plate. But I still like eating dinner out of a bowl from time to time, it feels very cozy and comforting.

The curry is based off of a recipe that my mother got from a long-time neighbor, so it came to me very highly recommended! I adapted the recipe to be vegan and crockpot-friendly, and although I’ve used chickpeas here, I alternate often with white beans, so in my head this curry is generically termed “white bean curry”. The secret ingredients are a can of coconut milk and a touch of cinnamon, which nicely balance the more savory and acidic notes that can dominate curry.
If you’re enjoying these “What we ate” dinner snapshots, I’ve started a set on Flickr that I’m going to try to use to document each night’s dinner. I was inspired to try this project by Jenny Rosenstrach of Dinner: A Love Story, who has kept a daily journal of what she’s served her family for dinner since 1998. I’m excited to see what themes emerge from our dinners as I document them–hope you’ll follow along!


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