What we ate: Quinoa & chickpea burgers strike again

I’ve already said plenty about these chickpea and quinoa burgers, so today’s post is really just the snapshot:

With salad and some homemade sweet potato chips. Yum.

I love these burgers. LOVE THEM. I’m sure some of it is just a summer thing (summer==cookouts==burgers, even if they aren’t made on a grill, right?), but really, they are good! I’ve been sticking them into our meal plan every single week and I’m still not tired of them. And, Mr. C&V’s quinoa hatred still seems to be in remission when it comes to this recipe. Making them for dinner is just so easy: pop a few out of the huge container in the freezer, heat up the skillet, and figure out some vegetables or a salad to go on the side.

I’ll probably put this recipe on the back burner during the next batch cook (we do like to mix things up with each session), but for now, more quinoa and chickpeas, please!


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