What we ate: Peanuty Kale Salad and Tom Kha soup

Dinner in five: minimalist salad + freezer soup

After getting off to a cool start, August slowly heated up. It’s only a few days in, but September seems to be maintaining the trend. One result? We’re both less inclined to want a big meal in the evenings (it just feels too heavy). Fortunately, we have a nice little stash of soups still squirreled away in the freezer, so dinners most nights involve throwing together something vegetable-y and reheating whatever our soup of the moment happens to be.

On Monday evening, I pulled out a container of coconut goodness in the form of Tom Kha, and contemplated what I could pair it with. I didn’t feel like standing in front of the stove, so salad seemed like the way to go. But, our default greens+tomato+feta was obviously not quite right. I turned to the freezer again and hit upon the idea of using a spicy peanut sauce we had hiding there as a dressing. A spoonful of sauce mixed with a little sesame oil and was smeared around the inside of a bowl:


Handfuls of finely chopped kale were added into the mix and gently massaged with dressing. And just like that, salad.

When I put the kale in front of Mr. C&V, he was initially skeptical (maybe more like horrified…), but after a bite declared it “actually really good”. Followed up by the soup, it was a perfect low-key dinner to end our long holiday weekend on. Although, if I were to do it again, I might add a few roasted peanuts into the kale. Full disclosure on my room for improvement and all ;).

What’s your favorite easy summer dinner?


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