Recipe love: rethinking breakfast

As I tweeted earlier this week, I’ve been looking for some ideas to break my weekday breakfast rut of oatmeal. My typical morning breakfast consists of a cup of rolled oats mixed with a handful of walnuts, and topped with either frozen vegetables or leftover green vegetables brought from home. Usually followed up with a piece of fruit.

Oatmeal w/ kale
The morning standard

This breakfast has many virtues: it’s healthy, it can easily be prepared in a microwave, it can be eaten with a spoon while I catch up on my morning’s email (well, maybe that is not a virtue, but it is a necessity at the moment…eating breakfast before work would necessitate getting up before 5AM). And for the most part, I’m very happy with it. But lately I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have a few other alternatives, so I’ve been looking around for ideas. If you’re also in a breakfast rut, maybe one of these will help you mix things up:

For a slight twist on that traditional oatmeal, I like the idea of a raw buckwheat porridge from Oh She Glows. This one would be especially nice on warmer mornings, when a hot breakfast is not so appealing. I’ll be bookmarking to try out the next time a heat wave is on the horizon.

On the other hand, if you’re already antsy for the arrival of fall, forget about cold breakfasts and break out something more autumnal. This sweet potato oatmeal breakfast casserole (also from Oh She Glows) would be a great thing to make on Sunday night, and then eat all through the week. I wonder how it would freeze….

I’m also looking for some more ideas on incorporating extra protein into my breakfasts, which sent me in search of recipes involving eggs. A frittata immediately came to mind, and it turns out The Kitchn has a great little article on how to put together a perfect frittata. Once you’ve absorbed all of that information, head on over to Sprouts in the Hood and check out this recipe for a frittata made using a base of purple sweet potatoes.

And of course, while I love eggs as much as the next person, I don’t want to find myself in a rut on those either, so I also went looking for some good breakfast ideas involving beans. Black beans (one of my favorite varieties!) are featured in this recipe for black bean chilaquiles from Simply Gluten Free, and also in a yummy looking southwestern sweet potato skillet from Eat Live Run (if you haven’t picked up on it yet, we’re rather fond of sweet potatoes around here). Again, with these recipes, I’d probably make a batch on Sunday night and then eat throughout the week (in the case of the southwestern skillet, I might leave out the eggs, but then bring a few eggs to work and crack one into that day’s portion before microwaving).

What are some of your favorite breakfasts to eat during the week?


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