What I ate: weekend lunch-ing

This past weekend was a pretty homebound one for me. Mr. C&V was working, and I had a big craft project I wanted to make some headway on. I spent most of Saturday immersed in yarn, but I did manage to come up for air sometime mid-afternoon to eat:


Weekend lunches are usually a good way for me to get rid off odds and ends that have accumulated over the week, and this lunch is a typical exhibit. A little leftover Tom Kha gets mixed with broccoli, while a few chickpeas that were hanging around in the freezer got cleared out and combined with egg to form savory little fritters. I rounded it all out with a peach, probably one of the last of the season (the offerings at the market this week were rather paltry, but on the bright side, really nice looking apples are starting to pop up again). Simple, filling, and so, so tasty. The chickpea fritters were the perfect add-on, I took a few notes as I went and will be recreating them soon (read: the recipe is coming).


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