road tripping

This week I spent a few days tooling around northern California, in a beautiful and remote little corner of the state. I saw (and ate) too many things for a single blog post, but here are a few highlights.

My driving survival kit: a massive container of carrots, some scribbled directions, water, and an audiobook (The Tsarina’s Daughter, by Carrolly Erickson. Not my favorite book ever–it was a little slow-moving and then tied things up too neatly at the end, but decent and a massive improvement over static or unknown radio options).

Old logging roads leading quietly off into nowhere

Packed lunch, eaten lakeside (pink lady apple and a quinoa+broccoli salad inspired by a recipe in Super Natural Every Day)

And finally, Mount Shasta wished me good-bye in the side mirror as I headed back south to the big city and home.


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