What we ate: out in the woods

This past weekend, we packed up our backpacks and made a break for the Sierras, where we spent the weekend in a rustic old cabin next to this little lake:


The weekend was full of good times, with lots of hiking, card games, lounging around reading, and of course, eating some good food. We went up with another couple and traded off dinner duties. For our turn, M. put together this delicious Tom Kha soup:


While I rounded things out by cooking a kale and purple cabbage mix (seasoned with our Thai-spired peanut sauce) and a plateful of chickpea fritters:


Not to mention this ginger-y pear tart that we cooperated on for dessert (recipe, and a better photo, coming soon!), a nice dessert for the chilly evenings:



These sort of weekends always make me think that we ought to get out of town more often. Though trying to get through the next week deprived of my usual weekend time for grocery shopping, weekly food prep, and other little chores like that brings me back down to earth a little too…


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