Kitchen thrift scores

This past Friday I was off work and running errands. I had a few things to drop off at the nearby Goodwill, and while I was there I decided to pop in and browse for a bit. While our kitchen has all of the really really basic items covered, there are a few things that would make life a little nicer or easier.

First up was this sturdy (and reflective!) little brown teapot:


We’ve been making do with a large mason jar for the past couple of months, ever since M.’s old teapot finally gave up the ghost and cracked irreparably. It’s functional but requires a certain amount of technique to pour without spilling. The pot, in contrast, is much easier to manage.

A few small plates (shown here with a serving of Three-Seed Cauliflower Braise, a recipe from dear old Vegan with a Vengeance):


These are the same brand and color scheme as our full size dishes (nothing fancy, available at Target for not a whole lot more than the thrift store price). There were only three of them, so I will probably have to get at least one new before we can use them for their intended purpose: serving dessert to dinner guests.

And I picked up a couple of small white bowls, perfect for holding the hummus I made to bring to a Saturday evening get-together:

(red pepper hummus, baba ghanoush, regular hummus. Recipes coming)

Of course, I couldn’t restrict myself to just the kitchen section, and took a quick spin through the shoe racks as well:


For my monstrous size 11 feet, a major score.


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