Grown up lunch: oasis

Lately I’ve been traveling a lot for work, which means a break from my usual foods and eating routine. My business trips are generally to fairly remote areas, so the offerings can be pretty hit or miss. I usually pack a few rations like apples, oranges, carrots, and nuts, then do my best with whatever else is available. When I get back from (or am in between) travel, I like to keep things simple and try to do a sort of mini-detox, focusing on getting plenty of protein (which is probably the hardest thing to do on the road as a mostly-vegetarian) and vegetables.


I threw together this lunch as a little oasis of good healthy eating in the midst of it all: the last of a batch of cauliflower rice pilaf, topped with a pair of hard-boiled eggs. I’ve been loving hard-boiled eggs lately as an easy and portable meal addition. As a former egg-hater, it’s taken me a while to figure out the trick to peeling them without losing half the whites. I found this post on stone soup that mentioned adding a pinch of baking soda to the boiling water. Then I found some more instructions at Willow Bird baking that advised making lots of cracks in the shell before peeling. I’ve been trying both of these techniques with much improved success. Though to make your cracks, be sure to tap gently. Every time I’ve tried crunching down harder, I’ve cracked the whites wide open. In fact, you can see I tried it here on one of the eggs, and was rewarded for my non-pains with a yolk that was falling right out of the whites. Oops.


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