Thanksgiving: feast on the beach

Well, here we are, back from the Thanksgiving break. M. and I grabbed a few friends and headed north to Point Reyes National Seashore for a weekend of camping.


Camping in Pt. Reyes is fairly limited–no car camping, and only four areas where camping is permitted (though each area has multiple sites). I booked our site back in September and it was one of the few left open by then! We had a relatively short hike (about 2 miles) in, so we got a little crazy with gear: M. insisted on a double-burner Coleman stove AND two cast-iron skillets. Worth doing once, probably not to be repeated in future.

We filled our weekend with lots of beach wandering:


Plus the almost mandatory beach bonfire:


As food went, the weekend was a little over-the-top (it *was* Thanksgiving, after all), but by far the craziest thing M. and I brought to share was a Christmas pudding:


This year we’ve committed to providing the pudding for Christmas at my parents. As neither of us has made a pudding solo before (actually, I usually stay out of the way of it all together!), we decided a test run was in order. M. got his grandmother’s recipe, I hunted down ingredients, and the weekend before the trip, we got busy in the kitchen.

By the end of the weekend, we were completely out of pudding, so the recipe appears to be a success! M. is pounding the second (“real”) pudding into its basin as I type.

And now that Thanksgiving has passed, I’m starting to feel the Christmas spirit properly. I’ll be back later this week with a new recipe for something festive 🙂


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