A few Friday favorites

A few things I’m enjoying lately, some food, some not.

My mother is visiting this week, and it turns out she likes peanut butter these days. So I whipped some up for her in the food processor and it was, seriously, the best peanut butter EVER. Yes, even better than the grind-your-own from the hippie food co-op. So I’m now extra alert for recipes using peanut butter, and naturally these spring rolls with peanut sauce caught my eye.

I’m always game for an excuse to work chocolate into smoothies, and this choc & ginger crunch smoothie is the perfect dessert for a warm summer evening.

Or for a more polished summer dessert, a tart with a layer of pistachio cream. Take advantage of stone fruit season while it lasts, right?

If you’re like me, you probably wonder if your closet can be programmed to present you with a perfect outfit each morning, no thought required. So I enjoyed this little slideshow of ideas for redesigning your closet. I’m thinking of giving 1 & 2 a go, and have been reminded to make better use of the little hook I have on the side of my closet. But I can’t really see myself investing in closet wallpaper…yet.

And speaking of re-orgs, I’ve also decided that this year I’m signing up for the Kitchn cure. We keep a pretty well-organized kitchen, but it’s not perfect and I’d love to pick up some new ideas. Plus, sometimes you need a little reminding to do those occasional deep-clean tasks, and I’m hoping this will help me get on with that. Sparkly clean fridge, ahoy!


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