*Note: Many of the recipes here will fit into a gluten free lifestyle, but for the moment I’ve only labelled recipes where you would normally expect to find gluten as “gluten free” (e.g., the baked goods).

Legumes and entrees
Chickpea and scallion fritters (vegetarian, gluten free)
Chickpeas with walnut sauce (vegan)
Quinoa & Chickpea burgers (vegan, gluten free)
Garlicky White Bean soup (vegan)
Tom Kha soup (vegan)
Sides and Salads
Baingan Bharta with red peppers (vegan)
Cauliflower fried rice (vegetarian)
Cauliflower rice pilaf with raisins and almonds (vegan)
Coconut lime cauliflower rice (vegan)
Garlic mashed cauliflower (scroll to bottom of post, vegan)
Kale, coconut, and chickpea salad (vegan)
Lemon herb cauliflower rice (vegan)
Quinoa garden salad (vegetarian)
Quinoa stuffed mushrooms (vegan, gluten free)
Sauteed spinach with raisins and pine nuts (vegan)
Sweet potato chips (vegan)
Twice cooked eggplant, two ways (vegan)
Sauces and Dips
Chili garlic ginger lime sauce (vegan)
Thai-spired peanut sauce (vegan)
Baked Goods
Cheddar and Rosemary biscuits (gluten & grain free)
Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Biscuits (gluten & grain free)
Blackberry lemon blondies (gluten/grain free)
Double chocolate cake in a cup (gluten & grain free)
Peach & Blackberry tart (gluten & grain free, vegan, no added sugars)
Smoothies(all vegan!)
Blackberry & Nectarine Green Smoothie
Simplest Summer Smoothie

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