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Recipe: Blackberry Lemon Blondies

Blackberry Lemon Blondies

Five or six years ago, I was flipping through my copy of Vegan with a Vengeance and discovered a recipe for raspberry chocolate chip blondies. For a while, they became my go-to baked good. I made them for potlucks, meetings, or just because. Then I stopped making them for a while (I think having to remember to get a container of soy yogurt frequently tripped me up). I was thinking of those blondies nostalgically recently, and one thing led to another:
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Summer super sludge: blackberry+nectarine green smoothie recipe

I first got turned onto green smoothies when the Eat to Live program briefly swept an internet message board I frequented. Although I never did make it through the strict 6-week introductory phase (oops…), I did become a convert to the green smoothie, and for a while I was drinking one for breakfast pretty much every morning.
These days, I’ll often go for a more solid breakfast, but I still love to mix up a smoothie on my days off, or if I’m especially on top of things, I might even remember to put one together at night to pack into work the next morning. With berries and stone fruit both in season right now, this smoothie recipe is perfect for summer.
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weekend detour: blackberrying

When I first moved to California, I was amazed at all the edible stuff that you find just growing everywhere. My first apartment backed onto a nature preserve where I discovered an avocado tree and an abundance of fennel. Citrus trees abound. Rosemary is the drought-tolerant landscaping plant of choice. And, growing like weeds along many paths and roadways, you can find blackberry bushes, working their way out across the ground. Earlier this year, I had noted a particularly large growth of blackberries on the side of a nearby bike trail. When I saw blackberries showing up at the produce market again, I decided to see what wild specimens might be available.

On Saturday morning, I woke up, donned long sleeves and work pants (blackberries can be quite thorny), hopped on my bike, and headed off. I spent a few miles meandering along, pausing to make note of these trees that looked kind of like walnuts:


I need to find out if they are an edible relative!
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