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Recipe: Garlicky White Bean Soup

The basis for this recipe was one that appeared in a cookbook near and dear to my heart, Vegan with a Vengeance. I’ve tweaked it and adapted for batch cooking over the years, and it’s become a favorite that I come back to. Oddly, I’m always nervous about serving it to others (“will they think this is just a big bowl of bean puree?”), but it’s a consistent hit, especially for guests who have just arrived after a long day of travel.
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What we ate: curry and greens bowl

Wednesday’s dinner was a favorite of mine, a bowl full of curry and greens:
Curry and Greens
Keeping it simple
In general, we eat solid meals off of plates around here. Our dishwasher will take more plates than bowls, and of course some things just work better on a plate. But I still like eating dinner out of a bowl from time to time, it feels very cozy and comforting.
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