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Introducing: Our patio garden

What do you do when you love the idea of growing your own food, but you have no backyard and are a bit crunched for free time as well? You start a patio garden in containers, obviously. Or at least, that’s what we’re doing. Patio gardening is relatively low commitment: there is none of the weeding, double digging, travelling out to a community garden spot, etc. that might be involved in a more traditional garden. While I dream of having a little plot of land and growing all of our vegetables from scratch, the patio garden is what works for us right now.
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weekend detour: blackberrying

When I first moved to California, I was amazed at all the edible stuff that you find just growing everywhere. My first apartment backed onto a nature preserve where I discovered an avocado tree and an abundance of fennel. Citrus trees abound. Rosemary is the drought-tolerant landscaping plant of choice. And, growing like weeds along many paths and roadways, you can find blackberry bushes, working their way out across the ground. Earlier this year, I had noted a particularly large growth of blackberries on the side of a nearby bike trail. When I saw blackberries showing up at the produce market again, I decided to see what wild specimens might be available.

On Saturday morning, I woke up, donned long sleeves and work pants (blackberries can be quite thorny), hopped on my bike, and headed off. I spent a few miles meandering along, pausing to make note of these trees that looked kind of like walnuts:


I need to find out if they are an edible relative!
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