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Recipe: Tom Kha soup (vegan)

Tom Kha soup

My first experience of Tom Kha soup was at a potluck I held while briefly living in Washington, DC. One guest brought a pot of this soup and it was so good that I begged the recipe from her. Since then, we’ve made a few adjustments to suit our tastes and it’s become a favorite. If you’re feeling under the weather, the bright citrus notes of this soup can really give you a boost.
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Recipe: Quinoa stuffed mushrooms (gluten free, vegan)


I love stuffed mushrooms. Actually, I love mushrooms in general, but the stuffing and baking method of preparation is one I particularly enjoy eating. They just feel especially decadent to me, with the mushroom flavor melding into the filling as the mushrooms bake. Recently, I decided to give my favorite stuffed mushroom recipe a bit of a makeover, using quinoa as the base of the stuffing, in lieu of the more common breadcrumbs. Continue reading Recipe: Quinoa stuffed mushrooms (gluten free, vegan)