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Chickpeas with walnut sauce (vegan)


I came across a recipe for gnocchi with walnut sauce while flipping through my copy of The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. I’ve never been all that into gnocchi (though I’ll confess I haven’t had them that often), but the walnut sauce? Yes please. I threw a few cups of chickpeas into the skillet to brown, and while the cast-iron worked its magic, got to work blending walnuts and parsley. A few tweaks later, I had a sauce, and then, a dish.
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Recipe: Quinoa and chickpea burgers (vegan, gluten free)

Our Sunday dinner
I love quinoa, but Mr. C&V is not a fan. Actually, he has been known to say that he hates it, and even to dismiss it as “garbage”. I made a small batch of these burgers back in June to serve at a dinner party. Imagine my surprise to come home from pre-party activities and find a few pieces of browned quinoa in our skillet. Mr. C&V had cooked himself a burger for lunch–and enjoyed it! He even ate a second burger at dinner the same day. With that ringing endorsement, I decided it was time to size up the recipe and add chickpea and quinoa burgers into our batch cooking rotation. In fact, I was so excited about the prospect of re-quinoaising my diet that I purchased a 4-lb bag of the stuff. We’ll be making these again.
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