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Thai-spired peanut sauce


My mother used to make chicken satay skewers for “special” barbecue events when I was little. I was always excited about chicken satay because a) food on sticks and b) the peanut sauce that went along with it. When I got older and moved to a city with an abundance of Thai restaurants, I realized that it wasn’t just my mother and the collection of Australian cookbooks foisted upon us by my (paternal) grandmother who were onto the potential of peanuts beyond the ubiquitous PB&J. As M. and I both love Thai food, trying to recreate some of the more common (and delicious) flavors at home was inevitable.
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Our weekend: August batch cook

As I mentioned in my last post, our Saturday morning was spent immersed in the kitchen. The goal? Fill our freezer with the basis for many of the awesome meals that we hope to eat over the next month or two.
Our freezer, post batch cook!
One freezer, fully stocked
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what we ate: Tom kha soup with peanut vegetables and broccoli

Soup is clearly one of our go-to meals. Every 6-8 weeks, we spend a Saturday morning doing a large “batch cook”, where we make 5 or 6 different dishes to freeze and eat throughout the coming weeks. It makes putting a good dinner on the table so much easier and less stressful! Because it freezes so well, our batch cooking usually involves at least one kind of soup, like Tom kkha:
Tom Kha soup, mixed vegetables with peanut sauce, broccoli
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