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Chickpea and scallion fritters


I often like to make a big batch of beans on the weekend and then eat them throughout the week. A few Saturdays ago I found myself staring down the ends of a batch of chickpeas and thinking about what else to do with them. These tasty little fritters were the result. The combination of chickpea and egg make them relatively high in protein, perfect for my current project of boosting protein consumption (>15% of calories is my personal threshold for “high protein”).
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Recipe: Chile Garlic Ginger Lime Sauce


As you may have noticed, much of our batch cooking technique relies not so much on making complete meals as making things like sauces and broths that we can then use as the basis for several different meals later on. I’ll be talking more about that in another post later this week, so today I’m just going to share a recipes for one of our favorites, Chile Garlic Ginger Lime sauce, so imaginatively named because I couldn’t think of anything creative and those are the four components that I most associate with it. Continue reading Recipe: Chile Garlic Ginger Lime Sauce